Researcher in Modern History

Christopher - research

My research interests are in Swedish and European history in the period 1500–2020. I am currently working on how trust, loyalty and feelings of togetherness are shaped, consolidated and damaged in societies over time, and how these phenomena affect states, nations, provincial communities and local villages. I have also published numerous articles on what is “higher” about higher education in Sweden and in Britain, how the quality in all disciplines can be raised without additional grants, and how educational competitiveness and sound economic growth build affluence in modern OECD countries, 1920-2020.

Research and teaching

  • How trust, loyalty and feelings of togetherness are shaped in societies over time.
  •  The emergence of states and nations in Europe.
  • The emergence of nationhood and nationalism in Europe.
  • How affluence is created and widely spread in OECD-countries.

Period: Modern, Early modern
Region: Sweden, Britain, Europe, OECD
Specialism: Cultural history, Economic & Social history, Global & Imperial history, Political history, Religious history, War & Military history
Faculty: Faculty of History
Supervision: DPhil supervision, MPhil supervision, MSc supervision, and MSt supervison